A Big Bestof Welcome to David Thexton of Utility Warehouse
7th February 2019
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David Thexton is your friendly local Authorised Distributor for The Utility Warehouse Discount Club, committed to help Furness families save money on their utility bills.

If you're fed up of paying too much for your utilities and would like to know how to simplify everything on one bill and save money, then David is the man to speak to! 

We live in an On-line world and every time you want to access your Energy, Phone, Broadband and Mobile Bills, you need a password for each one.

Imagine, if you only needed, just one password, allowing access to your account to check that not only, were you paying the right amount, but less than what you paid to previous suppliers, last year.

Add to that, any shopping that you’d done, also added between 1 and 7% cashback to the bill, reducing it further.

A single bill with everything together.

Let’s add some free LED lightbulbs to save even more money too!

Too good to be true?

It isn't.

If you’d like to know more, then get in touch with David and he can arrange to see you and provide a free, no obligation quote for you to see the benefits of joining the club.

You can contact David on 07711 755692 or by dropping him an email on david@savewiththex.com



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