Winter Driving Can Become Treacherous. Here’s Your Guide To Keeping Safe On North Devon Roads This Time Of Year
12th December 2016
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Being over cautious on the roads saves lives and many of the roads in North Devon are notoriously dangerous, windy or simply lethal when not taking due care and attention especially on ice.

So, before you start your journey follow these safety guidelines:

  • Make sure all windows are cleared of snow or scrapped of ice.  Visibility is paramount.
  • Remember to brake earlier.  Giving you more time to stop if the conditions of the road are slippery.
  • Give yourself more time – Leaving earlier gives you more time to get wherever you are going and it's much better to get there in one piece than not at all.
  • Increase your gap on the vehicles you are following, avoid harsh braking, steering and acceleration as these are often the causes of skidding.
  • Watch out for pedestrians.  I know this sounds obvious but Christmas shopping, festive drinking and slippery pavements can cause normally predictive people to be unpredictable.
  • Think about how important your trip is.  In severe weather, always ensure you carry a fully charged mobile phone, a blanket or two, a torch and a flask of hot drink with food.
  • Always drive to the conditions, you may be slower than the speed limit but your speed could still be inappropriate.
  • Examine your tyres, they should be in good condition, have plenty of tread and be set at the correct pressures.
  • Conduct regular checks to ensure all your lights are working, oil levels, screen wash, and fuel levels are at the top levels.  Journeys can take longer and knowing you have the correct levels is much less of a worry.
  • Ensure your car windows and mirrors are clean — keep a cloth handy in your vehicle.
  • Listen to weather conditions on the radio prior to and during your journey.

Whether you're are on the on the A361, A39 or traveling the back roads from Combe Martin to Barnstaple, stay safe and drive like your instructor is in the car with you.

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