We Are All Responsible For Road Safety, So Let’s Take It Seriously!
2nd November 2015
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With some awful tragedies on our roads this year already, we thought we would take the time to share with you a few hints and tips to keep in mind every time you get behind the wheel.

Speed - We all know the speed limits, however sometimes when we're in a rush or running late we just try to squeeze through the traffic a little bit quicker.  Work, shopping, friends can all wait.  It’s better to turn up late, than not at all.  Take a little extra time and enjoy the drive.

Speed is the cause of most collisions and thousands of people end up either seriously or fatally injured.  Obviously some people stick to the posted speed limit, however there is a lot to be said for common sense.  If the conditions aren’t great then slow down.  If the road is windy, narrow or covered in mud or ice than slow down.  The last thing you or your family want is to find you in a hedge or worse. Remember to use an appropriate speed for the conditions you find yourself in!

Not every driver is as good as you and not everybody knows the roads you do either.  There’s always someone up your backside, failing to indicate before screeching last minute round a corner or undertaking.  All you need to do is allow a little extra space!

Driving Slower - The difference between driving a few miles per hour slower and getting there a liitle later can mean the difference between life and death.  We have all seen the advert with the little girl by the tree with the slogan “Hit me at 40 and there’s an 80% chance i'll die – Hit me at 30 and there’s an 80% chance i'll live.”  This has everything to do with stopping distances.  Talking of which, these naturally increase with wet or icy conditions and older tyres.

Driving with these facts in mind, not only improves your ability to protect yourself and fellow passengers, but also safeguards other road users.

We all know that the roads in Devon seem to double in traffic volume during the Summer months and the small, narrow country lanes can become impassable during Winter, but take it easy even if it delays you by 5-10 minutes.  Then you can arrive at your destination more relaxed and alive!

Distractions – When at the wheel there is so much to concentrate on.  Pedestrians, other road users, traffic lights, very stupid pheasants etc.  Unfortunately, mobile phones ringing or texting is now so much of a distraction it’s also a common reason for collisions.  A distraction can be as simple as looking down to change the volume on your radio and in that moment you’ve taken your eyes and attentions off the road even if only for the briefest of time.

Just remember the speed limit is a limit and not a target and never drive whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or strong medication, if you feel unfit or have been advised not to by a medical professional or if in labour.

Stay safe on our North Devon roads!

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