Trick Or Treat Rules To Stay Safe And Have Fun
16th October 2016
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Some of us love the tradition of Trick or Treat and others don't enjoy it at all.

To ensure you stay safe, here are a few sensible ideas to stick to when you're out and about.

Trick or Treat:

Always walk in well-lit streets and start at dusk, so there is still enough light to see by.  You should also finish by 9pm.  People don't want to be answering their doors late at night, especially if you are interrupting their favourite programmes or waking up their babies.

Stay close to home.  If you plan your route near your own home, not only will you know more residents, you are likely to walk home with more goodies.  If you forget anything or get cold you will be near enough to get home quickly – perfect for little legs.

Wrap up warm, either with thermals under costumes or with coats too.  The last thing you want after trick or treating is a cold.

Always carry a goody bag.  People often like to put things in it and pockets are not always big enough, if you have generous neighbours.

Go carefully on other people's property.  Being respectful is just common sense, but if they have a note saying please don't knock then just move onto the next house – I'm sure you won't go hungry.

If you are over 14, make sure you have smaller children with you – Going alone means you're too old to get away with it and will likely just be arrested for trespassing.

No one really tricks their neighbours anymore.  It's a bit mean and you will most likely make enemies on your doorstep.

Have fun whilst trick or treating and be respectful and polite.

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