The Culture Queen - White Wedding at Tunnels Beaches
13th August 2015
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It’s wedding season; the sun is (sort of) shining and everywhere you turn happy duos are tying the blissful knot – and what better place to get hitched than in our beautiful North Devon?


Recently I was fortunate enough to attend a gorgeous wedding at the stunning Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe. I think somebody up there must have been looking down on the deserving couple and, for one day only, turned off the rain-tap and blessed us with glorious sunshine.


Private Beach

On arrival, my fiancé and I escaped with two handsome little boys. We descended the stone-steps (no mean feat in killer heels) to the beach and, for a blissful half-hour, the four of us enjoyed the private retreat to ourselves. Ed and I had to distract the water babies from the urge to lavish in one of their favourite pass-times – jumping in the sea! There would be time for that later, but for now we had to keep little waist jackets pristine for the service. So, we revelled in exploring the cave and relished in unearthing shells, creepy-crawlies and other treasures buried beneath the stones.


The Ceremony

The service itself was an intimate affair, held beneath a bespoke thatched gazebo overlooking the idyllic Atlantic. A paradisiacal setting for an adored couple.



The dress code was beach-chic, with the bride and groom in Converse shoes, and guests donning everything from ship-shape navy to cherry cocktail dresses. Ruby heels and scarlet nails were a popular trend for the ladies, while the gents sported tailored shorts and left the ties at home.


The bride wore a stunning A-line dress from a boutique bridal-shop in Exeter. Paired with delicate antique jewellery and a glam up-do, her entire ensemble was breath-taking as she glided down the aisle.



Catering consisted of a Mediterranean style buffet – exotic couscous, salad platters dressed in olive oil, chicken and vegetable kebabs, locally sourced homemade burgers and, the pièce de résistance: fresh, succulent bass. I am not a particular sea-food lover, but my fiancé encouraged me to try the fish – and I ate a whole piece! Anyone who knows me and my aversion to all things that swim in the sea will realise how tasty it must have been. Yes; Tunnels’ sea-bass turned me.


Vintage Frolics

After the proceedings, guests were invited to enjoy the beach. Many attendees had arrived prepared, armed with wetsuits or trunks, and delighted in padding, swimming or skimming stones. With our navy stripes and cocktail dresses - high-heels strewn on the rocks - we were transported back-in-time on the Victorian beach. I half-expected Dick Van-Dyke to appear in his all-in-one, Chitty-Chitty style.


With our own wedding in the final planning stages, life has been somewhat hectic. Gazing out to the brilliant-blue sea, for the first time in months I felt myself physically relax. And the tots got their wish to splash at last.


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