Take Action NOW to Retain Local Radio in North Devon
20th June 2011
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Back in May I shared with you that North Devon's FM radio service for Barnstaple, Bideford and many other areas, was under threat from a digital switchover that would affect many 000's of Devonian's ability to hear from a radio station with local news and content.

Finally we hear that OFCOM are now considerering re-advertising the FM licence and its VITAL that you ACT NOW and comment on the consultation before its too late. You have 9 days to do it. If the FM licence is re-advertised then there is a much better chance of retaining the ability to broadcast a local radio station based here in North Devon.


If you support retaining FM radio in the area (and I do!) then your answers should follow this vein but I must stress, be your own words!

Q3. when FM is turned off, it is likely we will not get a good DAB signal.
Q6. A digital switch over shouldnt be approved as this will mean that Heart get an automatic right to carry on broadcasting in North Devon "on a promise" that they will provide a digital signal at some point the future. Heart is not local and relevant to us here in North Devon. (Then explain something about the fact that Exeter is 60 miles away and Plymouth slightly further. The fact that only 7 hours comes for the whole of Devon). We want the FM licence to be readvertised to bring a chance of Local Radio (that was always profitable when it was Lantern FM) back again so it will chance for local radio to brought back to North Devon etc etc

Please send your automated response from OFCOM to Ian Starling (NDevon Local Radio) [localradio@btinternet.com] so he can get an accurate picture of the numbers supporting retention of FM radio in North Devon

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