St Anne's Art and Community Centre in Barnstaple Host an Exciting Residency in February!
31st January 2014
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The camera obscura (Latin; camera for "vaulted chamber/room", obscura for "dark", together "darkened chamber/room") is an optical device that projects an image of its surroundings on a screen. It is used in drawing and for entertainment, and was one of the inventions that led to photography and the camera.

The camera obscura offers a magical thrill that never fades; the upside-down, topsy turvy world which shifts in and out of focus is fascinating to children and adults alike.

During a series of workshops for school groups, adults and young people, visitors will be able to step inside the camera, see the light play inside, and learn all about the workings of light and optics.

There will be several Open Studio days to meet Sam and see him at work.  Sam says: "I can't wait to work in such a beautiful building; my head is bursting with things I want to try during my time there".

On 22 February, from 10am until 12.30, Sam is offering the public a chance to have an unconventional free family portrait taken. Participants take it in turn to step outside the camera obscura, standing in front of the lens, whilst those inside focus the image before rephotographing the screen using a modern digital camera to create a lasting image.

There are two workshops for adults on 12 and 22 February with participants finding out how to paint with light by climbing inside a camera obscura and trying their hand at using a camera Lucida.  A very special experience to learn about how lenses work and the pre-history of the camera.  Schools are also being offered the chance to visit and try out the camera.

The residency begins on Monday 10th February, and lasts for 3 weeks. After this, there will be an exhibition of the work created and the portraits taken.

All workshops can be booked by calling 01271 373311 or e-mailing

More information and details can be found at

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