spring and summer veg
22nd February 2011
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Well now that winter is finally releasing us from its icy grip here in North Devon, its time to start thinking about what we are going to grow in the garden for us to eat in the coming months.

So I've put away the rugby socks, I've stripped the plaster off a brick wall that was blown by the frosty weather and I'm now deciding where I can stick my hanging baskets up? Why hanging baskets????........ we only have a small south facing courtyard garden so we have to makie the most of the space available!

So if this doesnt bore you rigid then this is what I'm going to do.

In the hanging baskets I will grow sweet peas and cherry tomatoes, in boxes, a selection of herbs for cooking and not the rubbish you buy in plastic pots, which resembles what I used to paint my scenery on my train set in the loft (sawdust and green paint!!!). I think potatoes in bags is a good call as we like a few spuds and can stagger the planting for a steady supply. Different sorts of lettuce and mange tout, as its easy to cook and I like the fresh taste. If I look after it should see us out for a while?.

So thats it for the moment, and if anybody has any pointers then please get in touch.


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