Personal Injury Claims – Samuels Solicitors Tell You The things You Need To Know
6th October 2014
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Personal Injury Law is extremely complicated, and the No Win No Fee situation has changed in the last year so having the right solicitor can ensure that the process is simplified.  The first step is talking to a solicitor (usually initial consultation is free) who will decide if you have a justified claim to compensation.  Solicitors will make sure that individual circumstances are considered.

There are three main steps to a Personal Injury Claim. 

Making a Claim and Getting Expert Opinions

The solicitor will send a claim notice/letter to whomever you say is responsible for the incident (the defendant).  This will state what happened and what injury(ies) occurred.  The solicitor will also suggest relevant Specialist(s) to see who will provide evidence to support your claim.  The defendant has a certain period of time in which they must respond to the letter/notice and state whether they deny or accept liability for your injury.  Acceptance of liability means that your solicitor can try and settle matters out of Court.

Making An Offer

A solicitor will then tell you how much they believe your claim to be worth.  They should also ask you what you might accept as compensation and whether you want to settle for that amount.  If the figure is agreed by the other party the matter is settled without going to Court.  The defendant may also not accept your figure and offer one of their own, should this happen your solicitor will advise you further.

Court Settlements

If a settlement is not agreed or the defendant says they are not liable, your solicitor will advise you on whether to start legal action against them.  You may be advised to go to Court and leave it in the hands of a judge.

Samuels Solicitors’ expert, reliable and professional team can advise on these matters.  If you believe you have a case for a Personal Injury Claim call them now on 01271 308049 and be assured that you are their number one priority! 

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