People of North Devon are generous to all sorts of good causes and this is one that you may want to be involved in
5th May 2013
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Abhorent, senseless, ruthless and disgusting are often words associated with images of animals poached for their horns, hinds and sometimes just for fun!

Toni Hasler, from Abbotsham, is setting up a support group in North Devon and is extremely passionate about abolishing poaching, as we should all be.  So we ask you to read and consider the following facts:

  • In 2007 there were only approx 30 rhinos poached in South African Game Reserves. Last year there were 668 poached, 425 of those were in South Africa’s National Kruger Park. This is an escalation of more than 3000%.
  • Well armed poachers are backed by international crime syndicates. One rhino horn on the illegal black market can fetch £800 000!
  •  Hundreds of thousands of rhinos used to roam the African continent. There are now estimated to be only 25 000 left and rapidly declining.
  • Vietnam and Indonesia has the highest demand for rhino horn, which has been proved to be keratin (like your finger nails) and has no medicinal value whatsoever. 
  •  By 2016 the death rate, through poaching, of rhinos will outstrip the birth rate if current levels of poaching are not stopped.
  •  By 2026 – just 13 years away – it is estimated that the rhino could be extinct in the wild!You, your children and your children’s children will never see these magnificent creatures in the wild where they belong.

There is a saying, "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow".  Every small effort you make is like that acorn!  No - Your money is not required, thank you very much, but a little slice of your time to do your bit to help the plight of the African Rhino.  Join and help Toni in building a new interest group, which she is setting up to support the South African National Parks Honorary Rangers team, who play a key role in anti-poaching in South Africa.

Toni says the group will meet, most likely at her home in Abbotsham, or at the local pub, The Thatched Inn, for an hour or two every couple of months for ideas and planning of fund raising events.  The primary aim of the support group being to spread the urgent message of the Worlds' loss of these magnificent animals in the very near future if something isn't done immediately.

If you can spare the time (as much or little as you can) then please e-mail your name and address to Toni at: or 

Poaching is a vile, criminal act and it must be stopped.  

If you are unable to spend the time with Toni, the other way to help would be to talk about this issue to your relatives and friends.  Whether it's down at your local shop, bar or neighbours house, just to bring it to their attention is a massive step forward.  Show them this plea from Toni and show them the facts!

This world is sometimes harsh and cruel, but it takes people like Toni to make that small bit of difference and allow some hope in a better future!

Good Luck Toni!

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