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9th February 2011
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fIve easy steps to hitting the ball longer , straighter, and more consistantly!! GAASP!!

Okey dokey heres five easy steps for you to remember, this term is called GAASP and I will explain what this means.

G is for grip, some people with bigger hands like to interlock there small fingers together so they can feel at one with the golf club, this is good if you have long fingers but mine are small so I prefer the baseball grip, this where the left hand is placed on the grip and then the right hand with your thumbs pointing down the shaft.

A is aim, so once you have your grip sorted then place the clubhead behind the ball facing where you would like to aim, i.e the target.

A is for alignment, this simple really but remember that feet should be as wide as your shoulders and you should align with your shoulders just to the left,again i.e the target.

S is for stance, a little bit like alignment but your bottom should be sticking out slightly and bend from the hips with knees slightly bent,Johnny Wilkinson and Toby Flood do exactly this when kicking for goal in rugby, but remember to keep your height, stand tall, slight curve in the back and you should be fine!!!

P is for posture, again a bit like the above, so remember stand tall, slightly lean forward with your eyes on the back of the ball knees bent and bottom out.

Five easy steps for you to try out on the driving range and course, when the weather gets nicer. SIMPLES . yours truely "The Short Game Guru"

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