Leader 5 Funding for Torridge & North Devon – Now Under Way
10th January 2016
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The team has now received and processed the first Outline Applications of the programme and the Local Action Group has had its first decision-making meeting.  There is a very high level of interest in the LEADER funding and in order to give your Outline Application the best chance of being considered quickly and favourably, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 - BEFORE you make contact, take a look at the website, especially the Applicant Handbook.  Whilst this is a lengthy document, it is full of essential information including what they can and can't support with grant funding and who is eligible to apply under each of their six priorities.

You will need to be aware of their priorities in order to make a strong application.  If you or your project are not eligible, then you will need to consider other options to fund your idea.  But if you have a project that fits with their priorities and it will have a clear economic benefit and/or create new jobs, move on to Step 2.

(IMPORTANT - because of the processes required and the time it can take for you to make strong outline and full applications, you realistically need to allow for around 3 months for the application process from start to finish. There can be no exceptions or short-cuts for time-sensitive projects).

Step 2 - Call Leader 5 on: 01237 426423 and go through some basic questions to make sure your project fits with one of the LEADER priorities and is eligible to proceed.  As long as this checks out, you will then be sent an Outline Application form and guidance.

Step 3 - READ THE GUIDANCE! There have already been a number of very weak submissions that show that the applicant has simply not taken the time to read the guidance.  It is there to help you – read it!

Please use the guidance and the Applicant Handbook when filling out your Outline Application (and later the Full Application) form, as you will only be damaging your chances in a very competitive process if you don't take the time to make a strong case for your project.

Step 4 – Submit.  There isn't a specific deadline for applications, as the scheme operates on a rolling basis. Your application will be processed and considered by the next available Local Action Group meeting, which are every 4-5 weeks.  When received, the application will be checked and if there is any information incomplete or missing, you will be notified of this.  Once complete, the application then goes through an appraisal process before a decision is made whether to invite a Full Application or not.

FOr more information visit the website at:  http://www.leader5.co.uk/.

Good Luck!

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