Keep Barnstaple Bonfire Nights Accident Free
26th October 2011
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Whether your bonfire and firework celebrations are for you and friends in the back garden or you're organising a big display for the public, take care to ensure a safe time is had by all next Saturday evening

As bonfire night approaches we can anticipate the usual crop of nasty but avoidable injuries to young and older people alike. And at every Barnstaple bonfire night or fireworks party this year, all thoughts of safety should be 'front of mind' rather than an after thought consideration.  

A few years ago I can recall a group of West London lads and lasses having loads of fun with their bonfire on one of the back streets close to us. The fact was the fire was on a public road and the fuel tank of a nearby truck was glowing brightly in the light of the burning timbers didn't seem to cause anyone the slightest concern. I've also seen a bonfire set up under the power lines ' the smoke can conduct the current and who knows what the consequences of that might be! So keep clear of power lines, got that?

Let's keep Barnstaple free of injuries on Bonfire Night.  Here's a few tips from the Fire Service:

  • Bonfires need a lot of organising and can be a hazard. Many displays are a great success without one. If, after careful consideration, you do decide to have a bonfire, make one person responsible for it, from early planning to final clearing up. Don't site it too near your display or firework storage area.
  • Never use flammable liquids like paraffin or petrol to get it going as this can result in uncontrolled spread of fire or explosion.
  • Check immediately before lighting that there's no animal or even a young child hidden inside.
  • Ensure all the organisers standout from the crowd by wearing flourescent jackets
  • Any team members working in the dark nust have the use of a reliable torch at all times
  • Never ever put fireworks on a bonfire, even if they're dud.
  • Don't burn any kind of dangerous rubbish (e.g. aerosols, paint tins or foam-filled furniture).
  • Remove any rubbish bags and bins from your bonfire area in advance so there's nothing that can be thrown onto the fire on the night.

There's lot more advice about organized bonfires. Like think about keeping in pets in the house for the evening especially if you know there is a bonfire party and fioreworks planned near your house. and make sure that that someone has to take charge of the bonfire to make sure spectators keep clear and don't do anything stupid like running around near the fire. Wherever you are in North Devon, have a great evening, enjoy it and don't end your night in the A&E Department

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