Homemade Gifts for all the Family
27th April 2011
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Inspired by the ‘make do and mend’ attitude we have adopted in our household (due to extra babies, part-time work and the rubbish economy) I am really enjoying the challenge of finding presents to make for family and friends.

I cracked Christmas with yummy no cook curry chutney and festive cranberry gin. I have produced enough sock monkeys and felt food to stock my own toy shop, but I’m now looking for some extra inspiration for the rest of 2011.

A recent walk along the beach, made me fill my daughter’s sandcastle bucket with beautiful bits of driftwood and gorgeous shells. Nature makes such amazing craft materials it seems silly not to make the most of them (and they are free!). I can happily loose a few hours at the blue gallery craft shop in Barnstaple and the pannier markets always have a few crafty bargains to be snatched up.

I am desperately trying to master the art of patchwork and have found merlin fabrics brilliant for bargain offcuts and the weekly car boot sale in Pottingdon is brilliant to pick up cheap scraps of materials or old curtains that can be turned into something gorgeous.

It’s too easy to dash into a supermarket and grab a present for someone with your weekly shop, but receiving something that you know someone has put time, effort and love into means so much more;  and less likely to worm it’s way to a charity shop in 6 months’ time. A dear friend recently made me a memory bunny out of my daughter’s old baby grows, it so precious I will never be parted from it.

So next time you think what shall I get the person that has everything, open your eyes, your sewing box and get crafting.

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