Have You Had Your Pet Micro-chipped?
11th April 2016
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Breeders will become responsible for having puppies micro-chipped before they are sold.  However, 30% of owners don't already have their dog chipped.  If that's you, then you will need to act promptly to ensure your pet is chipped and that their details are up to date.

This new law will promote responsible dog ownership, help owners find missing pets, reduce thefts and help control and monitor dangerous dogs.  All North Devon vets and several other pet centres including: The Dogs Trust are able to microchip dogs for free or a relatively low cost so there's nothing to stop you.

The microchip itself doesn't have any details on it; it has a unique serial number which is only accessible with a scanner.  That number, when entered onto the database will bring up your name, address, telephone number and date of birth.  This means that if ever your dog is lost or stolen it can be re united with you asap.  The chip is inserted into the dog in a painless procedure and stays there until scanned whenever that is necessary.

Also, if owners know that they can be identified by the authorities through their dog's microchip, they are less likely to dump or abandon them, or worse.  Hopefully, it will make people think more carefully about buying a dog and make less impulsive decisions.  Once the chip is inserted all you need to do is update your details if you move home or change your contact number.

So come on North Devon, get your beloved puppy chipped and feel safe in the knowledge they will always be by your side.

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