Fight Back Against Breast Cancer In North Devon
23rd November 2015
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Yes, there have been massive advances in prevention, detection and treatment of cancer across the board. However, while all the time that there’s a single death from breast cancer we need to fight the fight.

Last year scientists made a promising breakthrough in why some peoples cancer spread and others don’t.  In the individuals that it doesn’t spread, two key proteins were found that; generate a micro environment that block cancer cells from settling and growing in other organs.

Another amazing discovery was that in a study of 1200 women those with low Vitamin D levels during a 3 month period prior to diagnosis had three times the breast cancer risk as women the highest levels of vitamin D.  That three month window is when the tumour is the most actively recruiting blood vessels for growth.

When detecting breast cancer, it has been found that there are indicators which can be picked up from a simple blood test.  Hopefully, we will be able to tailor prevention strategies to women based on their personal risk.  With mammography only picking up 60% of cancers in women there is new technologies on the horizon.

Breast tomosynthesis takes 3D thin sliced x-ray images which are more detailed, combined with breast specific gamma imaging that tracks how an injected radiopharmaceutical is taken up in the breast will offer a more complete diagnosis process.

When treating breast cancer, studies have shown that ramping up the bodies’ immune system can have a positive effect.  Also, drugs that can head straight to the tumour bypassing healthy cells are being tested (all be it in animals) and they show these inhibit tumour growth.

Hopefully one day soon we can eradicate all cancers until then don’t forget to check yourself – You too boys!


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