Do You Love A Quick One Or One Too Many? It’s Time For North Devon To Tackle Our Bad Booze Habits!
16th November 2015
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We may have tried ‘Stoptober’ drinking, but with Christmas just around the corner we should really take a long hard look at our tipple and assess if it’s really worth it.

So you've had a bad day or a bad week?  Is your boss a pain in the backside?  A lot of us just love to get home, kick off our shoes and sink into that bottle.  Maybe Thursday night rolled into Friday and you're meeting friends on Saturday, so what’s the harm in celebrating?

Men are advised not to drink more than 3-4 units a day with the guidelines for women at 2–3 units.  The thing is, one pint of lager is not equal to one unit (unfortunately) and therefore it is easy to go over the recommended amount.

You can now address this by using your phone to help. Download a drinks tracker app which can help you work out how many units you have sipped at.  So before your units creep up and your liver begins screaming for a break, swap that Bacardi on the rocks for a Pepsi.  Also take a look at when you drink and with whom.  If it's lunch with the girls, take a stroll on the Tarka line instead with a bottle of H20.  Or if the nights drinking starts at 6, take the dog over to Instow for an hour and then maybe that first glass will be with your meal rather than before.

If you have kids, are they learning about alcohol through your drinking habits at home?  More and more children in North Devon are getting drunk before they reach adulthood.  You may crack open a bottle after you have got them in bed, but they will still see the recycling box full.

In 2010 the organisation Alcohol Concern drew attention to alcohol treatment, with the aim to help those who need it seek treatment to get and stay sober.  It doesn’t just affect the young.  Alcohol abuse can be triggered at anytime and does not discriminate against age.

Do you think you might have a problem with alcohol? Maybe you know someone who is always a little tipsy?  If family members or friends have expressed concerns, that is your wake up call!  

With many risks to your health, but also your career and family life, try to get on top of the issue before it snowballs. Just because alcohol is cheaper than ever before and is now easily accessible day and night, it doesn’t make it essential to everyday life.

So try cutting down or even going cold turkey.  If you’re struggling, then visit the Alcohol Awareness Week website.

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