Are You Prepared For Winter?
18th September 2016
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It gets cold and wet and generally miserable, but sometimes we forget just how cold it can get and the impact that can have on us.  Here are a few tips on how to stay safe and warm this winter and hopefully save some money too!

First, have you serviced the boiler or swept the chimney? Every year these should be done because if your heating breaks in winter, not only is it costly to repair, it can be a few days before its fixed leaving you waddling around the house in a duvet.

If you have a wood burner or gas heater make sure you have good ventilation.  Never block air vents and get your heating system serviced.

Water pipes can freeze overnight and if they burst, make sure you know where the stopcock is located so you can turn off the water as soon as possible.

Get a carbon monoxide alarm.  For the money it costs, the peace of mind is priceless.  Carbon Monoxcide is a silent killer, odourless and colourless, so don't take the chance.  Don't forget to test this and your smoke alarms weekly.

Fuel bills can be expensive at the best of times, but in winter they can spiral out of control.  There is help available in various forms such as government grants and warm home front discounts, so make sure you claim or use them.

Layer up!!  If you dress in many layers and warm non-slip shoes or boots you will conserve heat and keep yourself warm. If you wear thin layers, it traps more heat between the layers and you make yourself a little radiator.

Keep salt nearby!  If you have steps or slippery paths, a handful of salt or sand should make them a little safer.  You could even get yourself a grab rail for added security.

Stock up!  Ensure you have a supply of cold and flu remedies.  You never know when that paracetamol or honey and lemon may be your best friend.  If yore on the list for a flu jab from your GP make sure you go and get it.  It gives you added protection from the winter nasties and the complications that can arise especially if you're a little older.

Repeat the pattern!  If you need repeat prescriptions, make sure you order them early and with enough time especially if bad weather is forecast or over the Xmas/New Year period.

Keep basic supplies.  It may sound a bit odd, but having a stash in your cupboards or freezer prevents you going out in bad or cold weather.  Or even shop online and get it brought to your kitchen door.

And finally be neighbourly!  If you have elderly neighbours keep a check on them, maybe run through this list and check their smoke alarm for them or if you are going shopping just ask if they need anything extra.

Take care this winter and stay warm and safe!

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