5 Reasons To Take Up Golf If You Are Over 35 Years Old
6th July 2015
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An 18 round game of golf is the equivalent to walking approximately 4.5 miles and carrying your clubs you will burn almost 1500 calories.  But, golf isn’t just good for your physical fitness – it’s also a great game for the mind. It keeps you sharp, provides you with important friendships and camaraderie.

The 5 main reasons golf is good for you are:

Golf is good exercise – While playing golf, you would usually exceed 10,000 steps which is the guideline for exercise recommended by medical experts to maintain good health.  Muscles, your abdomen and your back are all exercised together with your arms and legs during a typical golf drive and practicing at the driving range is a good way to build up your strength.  A round of golf is equivalent to a one hour workout in the gym, but without the monotony and repetitiveness of the treadmill or the rowing machine.

Golf stimulates your brain – Golf is a strategic game that requires a great deal of mental accuracy and coordination in order to end up on top.  By thinking about every shot, the undulations of the course and the wind direction or even adding up your score, you are keeping your brain sharp.  No matter how old (or young) you are, golf will always challenge you to staying calm and playing the course ahead of you.  Fresh air will keep you cool under pressure when deciding the best strategy for your next shot.

Golf helps manage your stress levels – Sometimes!! Yes, there are frustrating moments, but at the end of a tough week at work, nothing beats getting out on the course, taking in the view, communing with nature and breathing in the fresh air.  Being on the golf course really can stimulate your body to produce endorphins and the feel good hormones that will boost your mood in a way no anti- depressant ever could.

Golf is a social and family sport – As well as being a sport, golf can be such a social sport too!  Play a four ball with your family, spend time with work colleagues or clients or take part in a charity day with friends from your club.  Few sports give you the chance to be competitive over a 4–5 hour period whilst allowing you to enjoy the company of your golfing partners and the beautiful and peaceful environment of the course.

Golf improves your bone health - Spending time outdoors on a sunny day is the ideal way for your body to produce vitamin D.  The winter months and lack of sunshine can affect our body’s ability to produce Vitamin D, so taking advantage of good weather can be good for our long term health.

So don’t procrastinate, get on the golf course and by this time next month you will be fitter, healthier and happier!

If you are new to golf or interested in learning more, give the friendly team at Portmore Golf Park a call on: 01271 309297 and they will make you feel very welcome.

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