10 Good Reasons To Take Up Climbing
18th September 2016
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Climbing is great!  The 10 best reasons for this are that it:

  • Is suitable for people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities, including mental and physical impairments.  This means it's suitable if you are 4 or 84.  Why not start today?
  • Has been proven that regular climbing will improve your stamina and muscle strength.  This means you will be stronger, fitter and will have a new appreciation for an improved physique.
  • Makes you nimble.  All that reaching and stretching for holds improves your flexibility and agility.  You will definitely notice this in everyday life and will feel great because of it.
  • Has been shown to help with a range of medical conditions including dyspraxia.  This is because, when rock climbing you need to plan your next move, use upper limb strength and stability which can fine tune motor skills and it can be done in teams or pairs if an individual becomes tired the other can take over.
  • Above all its great fun.  Why wouldn't you want to do something that gives you a great time from start to end?
  • You can do it with friends, grand-kids, partners, lovers, neighbours or whomever you like to make it a fun day outdoors or in.  When an activity is shared, you create more memories and more to talk about so it is amazing to have a leisure pursuit everyone can take part in.
  • Provides a great sense of achievement, which in turn can help build everyday self-confidence.  There is nothing quite like reaching the top of your own mini mountain.
  • Helps overcome Depression/anxiety as being active and getting out and meeting new people can be a great inspiration and help to those suffering mental health issues.
  • Overcome your fear of heights.  It is a natural fear, one which most of us are born with as an instinct.  However, all that concentration on climbing up and where to position yourself has you going higher and higher resulting in a fearless person.
  • Great indoor or outdoor activity.  Whatever the Devon weather decides to throw at you, climbing is always your best option.

If you want to start really living life to the max, why not try climbing today? North Devon’s Rock and Rapid Adventures has an extensive climbing range just waiting for you.  Give them a call on: 01769 573380.

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