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With many businesses attending fairs and shows throughout the summer. How do you get people to notice you and your stand?
Protecting your business as a self employed person is vital at any time but is crucial now, how prepared are you?
Can staff handbooks help a fair, open and transparent framework between employees and their employer?
It is no longer a defence not to know of your legal obligations as an employer. So do you have contracts of employment for your employees?
Thoughts on why databases are sexier than they seem at first sight
Lie detectors in a disciplinary meeting? Would you use one? Would it be legal? Or is it just one step to far?
Apex Cleaning Services receive Tourism award for their professionalism.
How relaxing was your Easter , was it spoiled by the stresses of being in business?
Employee safety is a key part of good employee/employer relations, so what do you need to do at your business premises to ensure safety standards are met and who do you call for the advice, design and implementation?
Computabilda of Carmarthen comes to the aid of charity in Cardigan with a free PC.
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