What sort of Easter did you have?
10th April 2012
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Was your Easter a break - or was it plagued by nagging business concerns
At Easter Businesses can be divided into  3 groups

1.      It is a really busy time.
2.     It interrupts business.
3.     It is nice because nothing bad can happen for 4 days!

  Being in group one or two does not exclude membership of group three, from a previous life I remember that the prospect of 3 or 4 days without some of the stresses that running a business can involve was a great relief, but I did spend the whole time worrying about things. This fretting became such a feature that when subsequently I had a holiday without those anxiety it took me about a week to realise that it had become so ingrained that I was actually missing having something to worry about!

I am sure that an awful lot of us had a weekend blighted by the troubles of our business – of course when you speak to any one (networking groups especially!) you do not admit it. ................. we have euphemisms, such as “it is tough out there!”, but we seldom say “I am worried about paying my bills this month” Or “It would be great if I was able to enjoy time with my family”

There is a popular proverb that “a problem shared is a problem halved” but we just do not share our business problems, whether they are about insufficient profitable business or lack of time and good people.
The sharing of business problems has to be done with the right people – family and friends often love you too much and know too well the efforts you are making to be dispassionate, Accountants are good at looking after your money after you have made it, but inherently know little about finding and getting customers …………& Bank Managers??????  Well why would anyone take business advice from somebody who works for a huge corporation, or a public sector body for that matter!

The value of an outside, independent, business savvy point of view just cannot be overstated! Added to your own expertise and business knowledge it forms a potent force for business improvement. (Surprised clients keep telling me this!) I am not saying that I am the only solution, but I am saying be careful about where you go for help (I always have an initial meeting so that we can see if we like one another)   

What I am saying is that spending your Bank Holidays stressing about your business or waking up in the night thinking about the bank  is not sustainable, so do something about it, be careful what you do – ! The first (Botty) rule of business is that you are 100% responsible for everything that happens in your business – it is all your fault!
Why not give me a call on 01550 739 016 or drop me an email – it will not commit you to anything!  But how much would it be worth to you to enjoy your next break?

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