Why databases are interesting - really!
19th April 2012
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I have been promoting my sessions around West Wales lately on growing and using your database, and I have come to realise that on the face of it this topic has all the appeal of watching paint dry! BUT in fact this goes right to the heart of business success and profitability. It is well worth the time and attention of every business owner.
Look – most customers do not want our product or service every day – I only have my car serviced 2 or 3 times a year, in between times I am not really interested in ads about car servicing – so if a garage wants my business it is going to have to stay in touch with me throughout the year, the chances of their advert or email arriving on one of the three days a year I want to book my car in for a service is very, very small. Equally if I do not have a car or I drive a company car then I am not interested in car servicing full stop! So any garage that wants my business needs to know whether I am interested in car servicing and to contact me with relevant and useful stuff so that they are at the front of my mind when next I am looking for a service. Do it well and they might talk me into an additional winter antifreeze check, or a pre holiday once over.

So my point is that if I have a list of the right customers not only am I more likely to sell to them when they are ready to buy, but I can even increase their value to me by selling additional products or services, and it does not matter whether you are selling motor servicing, fridges, restaurant meals or business advice, being there when the customer wants to buy is a way of increasing the number of customers you have and how much they spend with you!
On reflection I think databases are quite exciting!

The session in Haverfordwest is on Wednesday the 25th April
At the Hotel Mariners – book here
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