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An Oswestry Christmas Festival
An Oswestry Christmas Festival
Saturday 15th December in Oswestry promises to be a great day for all the family.
I freely admit I am at that time of life when what I would really appreciate for Christmas would be a Hamper stuffed with edible goodies.
The MP for Shrewsbury turned out along with other business leaders and residents of Shrewsbury to cast his vote over two curries as part of an event for ABF The Soldiers Charity. Daniel Kawczynski said the event was a great way to bring people together and raise awareness of the charity.
One of the busiest women in Shrewsbury is fitting a lot into her 30th year. Not only does she work at a graphic design company, Holly Robinson runs a cake making company and sings! And now she's ticking off her '30 things to do in her my 30th year' list.
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