Unique weight loss challenge launched in Shrewsbury
15th May 2013
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A fully qualified personal trainer has brought the Body By Vi 90 day challenge from the States right here to Shrewsbury.

The Body By Vi 90 day challenge is taking the UK by storm after massive success in the US. As our nation becomes more and more concerned about climbing obesity rates and associated health issues, the nutritional supplements formulated by Body By Vi make for the fastest-growing weight loss and fitness challenge movement in the world.

Local personal trainer leads the way

Shrewsbury based personal trainer Sasha Buy is spearheading the 90 day challenge and says it is suitable for anyone and everyone. You write down your weight loss goal, select your Body By Vi supplement kit and then make your shake! The shakes taste fantastic, with the motto “a shake mix that tastes like a cake mix”. If you enjoy what you’re consuming, you are more likely to stick to it.

“Not only are the Body By Vi shakes suitable for everyone, but they are affordable,” says Sasha. “My team is looking to target every single person, no matter what age or fitness level. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle or just be generally healthier, this is the shake for you.”

The differences

How is Body By Vi different to the other nutritional supplements on the market? Firstly, the product itself has a trisorb protein blend; without getting too technical, it’s three types of protein, which means you’re fuller for longer and the protein is absorbed into the body more efficiently. Secondly, the low sugar content means it is friendly to those who have to be careful about their sugar intake, such as diabetics.

Each shake is packed with 26 minerals and vitamins to help create that healthier you. As Body By Vi is a challenge, this instantly sets people in the correct mindset of reaching to achieve their goal.

Also, there are many incentives for both customers and Body By Vi promoters, which include holidays, cash prizes and bonuses for reaching various stages in the business.

Attention to detail

“The reason why I chose Body By Vi over all of the other diets and products,” continues Sasha, “is because it is a new take on everything else. Body By Vi has taken those extra steps to make everything about their challenge brilliant, from the product itself right down to the labelling on the packaging.

"It is friendly for all, affordable for all and their aim is so inspirational. As part of the Body By Vi team I know I am going to make a big difference to Shrewsbury. It’s time to kick obesity’s butt!!”

For more information or for a FREE sample, please CLICK HERE  or call Sasha on 07854 755036.

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