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Performing arts, comedy, music and guided tours are just some of the events happening in Cambridge this weekend.
Check out the events and activities happening in Cambridge this weekend.
We have listed some of the best pubs in Cambridge to watch the Euro Championship this summer. From a pub shortlisted by Carlsburg, to a pub brewing their own beer, there is something for everyone here.
The EU debate is raging with big guns on both sides taking pot shots at each other whilst those in between simply get on with running a business, or living their life. The current arguments, it seems, revolve around issues of sovereignty, migration, and economics. If we are to believe what the ‘remain’ campaign have to say Great Britain will be a basket case if we leave, consigned to third world status. On the other hand, the ‘leave’ campaign would have us believe the opposite is true!
Walking is possibly one of the best forms of exercise you can do. It's easy to do and it's free! Plus, you don't even have to be in much shape to start doing it. There is less pressure on your joints than jogging or running and you can do it wearing almost anything! However, walking just got a whole lot more interesting...
Planning your business networking for the month ahead? Why not start here... Check out our list of all the major networking groups and meetups happening in and around Cambridge (updated regularly). If we have missed any out, please let us know by sending an email to or by commenting below.
St Neots Boxing Club - New Saints Boxing Club - Newsletter - Our First 6 months..
Latest installment of 2015's Charity of the year!
Read more about the community spirit the Timebank Volunteers in St Neots have!
Bag a car boot bargain!
Bag a car boot bargain!
Looking for a bargain or piece of treasure and want to know where you can find car boot sales in Cambridgeshire or even antique fairs in Cambridgeshire for that matter, then take a look through our list. Please keep an eye on it because we plan to keep it updated!
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