Happy Renewals
28th May 2010
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Mark and I have been visiting our clients who are due for renewal.  It's always nice to meet up and have a chat, update the page, and sort out fresh ideas for helping to market our customers.

I have just returned from seeing Jo and Dot at Abbeyfields Day Nursery.  The minute you walk through the door you hear the buzz of happy childrens voices, smiling staff and a general impression of well being.  We have all experienced a very difficult period and even Abbeyfields have been affected by their "mums" reduced incomes.  However the last 8 weeks have shown a definite improvement and once again places for all age groups are at a premium, particularly in the baby unit.  A really popular development has been "the gardening experience" for pre school children.  They are really enjoying seeing the plants grow and will soon be taking salad produce, grown by themselves, home to their mums and dads.  Jo and Dot also remembered to pass on a few of their Testimonials that are now displayed on their page.

It is also a pleasure to chat with Alistair at Apex Autos.  This is the tidiest, cleanest garage that I know.  Efficient, helpful, reliable, Apex Autos do exactly what they say.  Service, MOT, replace tyres and exhausts competitively and reliably.  Alistair has a similar view on business life to my own.  Do what you say, do it as well as you can for a very fair price, and go that extra mile.  You instinctively know that you can trust Alistair, not a feeling that you get in every garage.

Mervyn L  

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