One new arrival, one departure not confirmed.
8th May 2010
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I have just returned fom a week in Warwickshire helping out after the birth of my first grandson.  My elder son Simon and wife Mel have brought Dawson into this world.  I only wish that our politicians were making a better job of looking after it!.

Dawson weighed in at 7lbs 13.5ozs and is doing really well.  You forget just how small new babies are don't you.

One way or another it has been a rather dramatic few days, good news on a personal level for my family, very bad news I fear for the UK. 

I find it unbelievable that after the worst economic performance of any government in my lifetime (and that's quite a long time), Gordon Brown has the nerve to offer himself as our "leader" for another term of office.  What else could he have done to destroy his credibility?  He "sold" our gold for less than a quarter of it's present value.  He more than halved the value of private pensions, my own included.  He aided and abetted Blairs disastrous declaration of war on Iraq and then twice reduced the defence budget sacrificing the lives of our brave soldiers.  He inherited a national debt of £6 Billion and increased this to £157 Billion.  He gave the banks free rein to virtually bankrupt themselve, and the country, whilst rewarding their directors and investment staff with obscene bonuses.  He then bails them out with our money without putting any controls in place that would ensure that this money was used to benefit small and medium sized companies and without retaining any control on bank bonuses.

Over 8 million people voted for him.  WHY?

I think that a hung parliament is bad news, it always has been for us.  What do you think?

Mervyn L

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