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Trade shows and expo’s should be are enjoyed, but when you are unprepared they become a pain. Don’t flounder at these events making the assumption that showing up was 99% of the job.
With 24 million people in the UK logging on to Facebook every day, if you don’t have a presence, you are missing out.
Have I got news for you?
Have I got news for you?
Let’s face it, it’s easy to forget about the clients we’ve got. They’re happy, we’re happy, job done, right?
I don’t know about you but I do love a bargain. Somehow that meal always tastes so much sweeter when it comes with a free bottle of wine or was on a two for one deal.
Richard Branson once said Your brand name is only as good as your reputation
So like me are you are an avid user of Twitter, following hundreds of people or even thousands. Trouble is when you open Twitter up for the day, you have been bombarded by tweets and sometimes feel you've missed some key ones. Over the last few days a NEW timeline feature was introduced, that should help you catch up on the Tweets from folk you follow the most.
Are accountants a luxury, or do you think they are there to fill out those forms to keep the taxman happy. A good accountant will offer so much more, as your allies, they will provide; proactive advice and guidance to ensure your new business grows and develops.
Getting enough sleep is critical for succeeding whether that’s at work or studying. Research shows that not getting enough sleep is similar to having too much to drink.
10 alternative currencies
10 alternative currencies
“Is there a reason for governments to be in charge of money?” asks Paul Kemp-Robertson in a TED talk. Judging by the new raft of alternative currencies—from digital coins to point systems that reward customers of a certain brand—the answer might someday be “no.”
Your job, over the course of the next two hours, is to make a positive and lasting impression on as many of these people as possible. And maybe even find yourself a new job or customer. Nauseated yet? Networking is the art and science of building professional relationships, but few of us are naturals at it.
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