Productivity tips for late night working
2nd February 2016
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Getting enough sleep is critical for succeeding whether that’s at work or studying. Research shows that not getting enough sleep is similar to having too much to drink.

We have all been there where you need to catch up on work before bed, or a critical piece of course works needs to be handed in. But, think to yourself if I’m going to stay up late working, how do you stay productive?

The following summarise a few tips to help you stay productive into the early hours.

1) Take a break before!

Taking regular breaks before starting that project helps productivity. Following your normal day, take a break. Even a 20-minute relaxation slot helps your productivity over the next few hours.

2) Make a deadline.

Working on a goal with a tight deadline helps us create our best work. So if you start at 6pm, then establish a hard deadline of 1 a.m. this will improve productivity rather than saying, “I’ll get this done tomorrow.”

3) Write down your goals.

Writing down our goals makes us more likely to achieve them.  So prior to starting on the all night session, jot down the critical goals, keep them to 2 or 3.

4) Eat properly at the right times

Food is king on our cognitive abilities during the end of the day; don’t be fooled into that extra cup of coffee.

Did you know: Our brains work best with about 25 grams of glucose circulating in our blood stream - about the amount found in a banana.

5) Your playlist

Music can play a role in our productivity as it helps ease repetitive tasks, and removes background noises at home. Research shows that classical music is most likely to improve cognitive functions.

6) Keep the TV off

TV watching makes our brains multitask, which is not good, and reduces our performance. Brains need to be focused on one thing at a time and giving the task at hand our complete attention.

7) Exercise

Any form exercise can increase our cognitive abilities and overall energy, all leading to better results and greater productivity.

8) Water

A recent study found that drinking water can increase our productivity by as much as 14%, as it helps expand the grey matter found in the brain. So keep away from that cup of coffee.

9) Low impact goals for the evening.

If you can leave the challenging tasks for next day, just focus on completing the small goals of the project tonight. This helps build up momentum for the day ahead

10) Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Over ambitious goals can lead to failure, all of which results in lost productivity.  Set yourself realistic goals, resulting in improved morale and enhanced productivity.

11) No Wi-Fi

No Wi-Fi can be a challenge if you need it for your work. No wi-fi means no other distractions of social media, shopping or emails.

12) Stand up straight!

Standing while working results in better concentration, more energy, and fewer headaches, and better the back.

13) Blue Light

Did you know that looking at blue light provides our bodies with an energy boost? All connected to our circadian rhythm, which determines our body’s natural energy level.

14) Take a shower, but cold!

For the hard core out there, take a cold shower, this should improve your energy levels, and make us feel renewed and fresh.

15) Turn the thermostat up

Cold temperature is mostly associated with sleep, so by turning the heat up, you’re more likely to be alert at night.

Finally, Good luck


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