They’ll find it on Facebook, like it or not!
22nd February 2016
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With 24 million people in the UK logging on to Facebook every day, if you don’t have a presence, you are missing out.

Now, not every type of business needs to be on Facebook. I would suggest, if you’re a wing nut manufacturer, then LinkedIn is probably a more suitable social media platform. But if you’re not a wing nut manufacturer…

The first thing you should keep in mind when using Facebook is that it is a social media platform, with the emphasis on social. To me, Facebook is a digital pub where you can have as many people sitting at your table as you like and eavesdropping is actively encouraged. 

Now I want you to imagine that someone has sat with you in your digital pub and spent the last 3 hours postulating about printer inks… you’re not going to invite them back are you! If you want people to be interested in your Facebook page, first you have to be interesting. The truth is, people don’t log onto Facebook to find a great local business. They go on to look at photos, laugh at videos of dogs on skateboards, and find out what their friends were up to at the weekend.

The Social Media Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds states that a third of your content should promote your business, a third should be shared content from leaders in your industry or like minded businesses and a third should be about your personality, your own personal brand.

Now before you choke on your coffee at the thought of sharing other people’s content, this isn’t about promoting other people’s businesses, it’s about showing your audience that no-one knows the industry like you and that you’re not afraid of competition. The Brucie Bonus is that it links your content too, increasing your exposure to your target market. And last, but by no means least, it makes your page the ‘oracle’ when it comes to your industry!

So, you’ve got the third about your business right, and the third about other people’s content right. Now to the personality part…

Each business does have its own personality. Being able to display that gives your customers and potential customers something to engage with, something to build a relationship with. However, that personality has to be delivered in the right way. Let’s not forget the emphasis on social here. You can introduce your team (meet the team member Monday), shout about a cause that is close to your heart or post quotes from your favourite business guru. Liberally sprinkle these posts with humour (and maybe a kitten or two?) and this third gives your business a face, something for people to connect with.


Facebook has a wonderful thing called ‘Insights’. It shows you how56cb0beec6a711b388000a6a many people you have reached, what posts connected with people the most, as well as the times of day that your audience are looking at your page. These insights will help you hone your Facebook craft, ensuring that each post resonates with your audience and brings them back to you page again and again. The more people come back, the more opportunities you have to build that all important relationship – that’s what will turn your likes into orders.


Facebook likes are an odd one. Be honest, how ma56cb0b5ac6a711b2880009e4ny times have you liked a friends page and never gone back to it again? We all do it. We like to show support by hitting the like button, but in truth we have no intention of ever being part of the audience.

In my world, likes are Vanity, engagement is Sanity! It’s the engagement that leads to new customers!


Have a great week!

PS If you’re still not sure how to get the best out of Facebook then our marketing critique is your way forward. 

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