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20th May 2010
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Most people will have twigged by now that Google, the most powerful internet search engine, also own You Tube, the most powerful online video resource.

This is part of the reason why, increasingly, we are presented with video results first when we search for things via Google.

Well, OK, The Best of Wimbledon and Merton is jumping on the bandwagon!

And what's more, this will be a FREE service to new and existing clients.

We're announcing that any of our business members can now upload a promotion video to sit nicely alongside their existing business profile. This can either be from an existing You Tube video, or we can upload a file that is sent to us.

Here's a really good example

But they don't all have to be professionally produced. Sometimes a decent home made job is just as effective because it looks, well, honest!

We're even running a network event at the cinema next month to celebrate the arrival of video.

So, contact us for more information if you'd like to fidn out more. In the meantime, enjoy watching those movies!



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