Transformational healing with better breathing
27th March 2017
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Breathing powers every function in our body. Most people will only be using around 30% of their breathing capacity. Is it any wonder that people are we are tired and stressed?

The Breath of Life
If you breathe properly your health will work for you, providing you with a dramatic improvement in key areas of your life. This includes healing, thinking or sleeping.

Transformational Breathing
Transformational healing is about re-establishing our natural breathing rhythm we had as infants and undoing the unhealthy restricted patterns we learnt growing up. The way we breathe reveals a great deal about the automatic behaviours we live by.

Jonathan Orchard is an accredited Transformational Breathing therapist, one of only 26 in the country. This month he's taking £40 OFF YOUR FIRST VISIT. Now only £80.00  (normally £120.00). A typical course is 2 – 3 three treatments.

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