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20th December 2012
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To be creative is part of our human nature. Style has become more important to us and is something we want to showcase in our homes.

The role of the kitchen is increasingly changing from cooking in them, to eating in them and on to entertaining guests. The kitchen has shifted towards the centre stage of the home, including being the place where the family gathers at all times of the day. Design should then reflect this.
From contemporary to classic style kitchen design, whichever design you chose, there should always have generous amounts of worktop space if the layout permits.
The design should work well with the space it has available, making sure there is space for appliances and worktops. This requires intelligent planning. Forward thinking when designing a kitchen is essential and this isn’t something we all do on a daily basis.
Here are a few things you ought to consider when designing your kitchen:
* What is it that you want?
* What you can have, in terms of space and budget?
* What are the family needs?
* What would work well?
* What colour and style?
* Size and shape?
* Do you want kitchen Islands, and will they fit?
* Eat-in style kitchen?
* A simple remodel of what you've got, or start afresh?
It is easy to get a carried away when designing your kitchen but by staying focused, level headed and sticking to your plan it can all go well. Keeping all the points made above in mind it’s easier to start making plans. Or sometimes it’s easier to save yourself the headache and employ someone to do the logistics for you!
One local supplier who can help you along with the process, who are kitchen designers, planners and manufacturers, is Schmidt Kitchens Wimbledon who actually do this every day of the week. They won’t miss a trick in the book to make sure your kitchen design is perfect for your home. Schmidt Kitchens Wimbledon will handle the space planning, creation of decorative themes (with your input – of course!) and then build your kitchen for you.
You can find Schmidt Kitchens Wimbledon at 51 - 55 Kingston Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 1JW
020 8914 8980
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