Putting Organic Food to the Test. Is organic food best?
22nd November 2012
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Putting Organic Food to the Test. Is organic food best? Mouth Magazine's Janet Leigh finds out.
Food. Not just our source of fuel but also our not so guilty pleasure. We spend hours a day thinking about it. ‘’What should I eat when I get home?’’ ‘’Should I have a salad with that gourmet burger?’’ Or, my personal favourite, ‘’Stay away from that deliciously sinful slice of cake’’ (followed by the sound of scoffing). I would not be surprised if food ranked as our highest thought throughout the day. We are so concerned with what we eat it is no wonder we want to make sure that what we get is truly the best.
Organic food has been in the spotlight recently. A study carried out by researchers at Stanford University deemed it no healthier than regular food when it comes to vitamins and nutrients. Although the study was inconclusive, it managed to intrigue me enough to start raising questions about the benefits of organic food.
This week I spoke to Mohamed Rabie, owner of local food shop Absolute Organic, to find out exactly what is in it for you.
“I believe in organic food,” said Mr Rabie. “It’s the normal way to grow food. It’s definitely better regarding the quality.”
Mr Rabie practices what he preaches by living on a diet which is mostly organic except, he said, if it is something he really loves. “Being from Asia, sometimes I like to have food that is from my origin but it’s not always organic,” he admits.
However, he is a strong believer in what organic food can do for you especially in terms of health.
“Nutritionally it’s better,” he said, “especially with produce like milk, fruit and veg. Organic foods are not genetically modified and there are no pesticides.”
Referring to food intolerance Mr Rabie said: “Ten, 15 years ago you didn’t hear about so many allergies.” He attributes this to the amount of antibiotics he says the animals get; “We eat them and our immune system gets weaker and weaker by diet.”
Mr Rabie’s beliefs coincide with those of The Soil Association, the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food and farming. The Association has noted a link between certain additives in non- organic food and health and behavioural problems. Read more HERE    
Absolute Organic is a family business, which opened earlier this year. Situated in Raynes Park, it stocks a range of exclusively organic food from breakfast cereals and spices to fresh bread and seasonal hampers for the rapidly approaching Christmas period. Mr Rabie says since opening it has been well received by residents of the area.
“We like good food so we thought about having something in our local area that offers good food at reasonable prices,” said Mr Rabie.
If you live in the local area [around Raynes Park, Wimbledon, Wimbledon Village, Morden]and are an organic enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to know that Absolute Organic will be launching a box scheme within the next couple of weeks, delivering fruit, vegetables and meat within a two to three miles radius.
Absolute Organic
560 Kingston Road
Raynes Park
London SW20 8DR
020 8914 8389
Article courtesy of Mouth - the food magazine
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