Pet Of The Month - Valentino the dog
31st January 2017
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Valentino was taken to the emergency vets by his owners after being attacked by another dog. He had terrible bite wound to his leg and he was unable to put weight on it. X-rays were taken and revealed that the force of the bites had broken his leg. Valentino was then referred to David Kydd for an orthopaedic assessment.

David examined Valentino; he was very painful and had some puncture wounds and severe bruising to his leg. He was given lots of pain relief and David took some further x-rays.

These showed the force of the bite had caused a nasty fracture and there were even teeth marks showing on the bone! David discussed his findings with the owner and recommended that a metal plate should be placed into his leg to hold the bone in the correct position. David used a special surgical plate which was secured with seven screws.


While recovering from his operation, Valentino was given lots of TLC from the nursing team and he stayed in over night for close observations. On the day after his operation he was able to sit up unaided, but still needed some assistance from the nurses to stand up. Valentino was already suffering with a painful condition of the spine known as spondylosis, so the fractured leg really was a bridge too far for him! Never the less he continued to improve and the whole team were happy with his progress.

Valentino was still very painful despite all the pain relief given, which meant that he was too sore to urinate. David decided that it was best to use a urinary catheter to empty Valentino’s bladder, which made him a lot more comfortable.

After a few more days at Kydd and Kydd, Valentino had improved enough to go back to his original vets and they continued to look after him in their clinic. Five days after the operation, Valentino was able to go home.

Valentino is still on the mend. He is restricted to short walks on the lead and still isn’t allowed upstairs. His owners say that he is doing very well, and that he still enjoys making new friends with dogs and people.

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