Pet of the Month - Alfie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
27th January 2016
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Kydd and Kydd Vets deal with a variety of differing medical emergencies on a daily basis. To highlight these issues and to raise awareness of dangerous items, foods or areas for dogs and cats, the veterinary clinic has a "Pet of the Month" story.
This month's story comes from a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Alfie. He was showing signs of being very unwell - he was lethargic and refused to eat. His owners decided to take him to Kydd and Kydd Vets after his two-day spout of vomiting got progressively worse. Here's what happened once he entered the clinic:

"Vet Caroline examined Alfie. He was much quieter than usual and his abdomen felt tense and uncomfortable. His owners told us that he had been crying and yelping and was unable to settle: it seemed possible that he might have a serious upset tummy or even an obstruction (they told us that Alfie is also a bit of ascavenger).

Vet Caroline decided to admit Alfie as he was quite dehydrated and he needed to be supported with intravenous fluids as he was not eating. She planned to run blood tests and to x-ray Alfie’s abdomen for clues as to what was making him unwell. The blood tests were performed onsite and we quickly had results showing that Alfie had signs of an infection or inflammation. Caroline then sedated Alfie so that she could take some x-rays of his tummy.

Once Alfie was sedated, Caroline was able to feel his stomach more easily as he was much more relaxed. She could feel a small round mass and this mass could also be seen on his x-rays. Vet Caroline spoke to Alfie’s owners and recommended that we perform an exploratory operation to find out what the hard spherical mass was.

The nursing staff were all intrigued to know what the object might be and when Caroline operated on Alfie she found a peach stone lodged in his small intestine! Caroline removed the peach stone and checked the whole length of Alfie’s intestines just in case there was anything else in there.

Alfie recovered well from his anaesthetic and the nursing staff gave him lots of special care and attention. Within 24 hours, with some patient coaxing, he was eating cooked chicken when hand fed and he was already feeling a lot more comfortable. Alfie continued to improve and went home to his owners the next day where he is continuing to make a good recovery."

Who would've guessed a peach stone?! It seems Alfie's scavenger instincts really got him into trouble this time. Many dogs raid kitchen bins in attempt to find something a little extra to fill their stomachs, which can lead to serious consequences, as Alfie's case highlights.

Strangely enough, peach and nectarine stones are commonly removed from dog's intestines. The popular fruit can be dangerous, so pet owners need to be extra careful when disposing of this particular waste.

Thankfully Alfie is back to his usual self!

Find out more about Kydd and Kydd Vets here.

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