Local volunteers nurse stray and injured animals back to health in Thailand
24th October 2014
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 Veterinary nurses from Wimbledon and Battersea travelled to Koh PhaNgan, Thailand, to volunteer their knowledge and skills to help the stray and injured animal population on the island.



PACS (PhaNgan Animal Care) is a non-profit animal organisation that is dedicated to improving the lives of the Thai island’s stray animals.

Founded in 2001, PACS is a small nursing clinic that cares for Koh PhaNgan's stray and wild animals. They are completely reliant on donations from the public, volunteers and sponsorship and receive absolutely no government funding. Due to this, they rely heavily on the good-will of the local community, tourists and friends of PACS.

Amie, a veterinary nurse at Kydd & Kydd Vets Wimbledon, spent the whole of October volunteering at PACS. With an aim to vaccinate as many animals as possible to stop the spreading of Rabies, control the stray population through neutering and providing care for the many sick and injured animals on the island, Aimie was an incredible asset to the organisation during her stay.

Aimie powered through extreme sun and monsoon rain tending to injuries, bathing dogs, cleaning and maintaining the centre. One dog in particular came to the centre with a deep gash in the side of his neck that needed immediate attention. Aimie and the other volunteers nursed this dog to health and ensure he was neutered and completely healthy to be released.

As with most animals that arrive at the centre, it's not always known how they get injured or why so many are dumped on the streets. A tiny puppy, estimated to be around 4 weeks old, was found riddled with fleas and ticks on the side of a road. The nurses took him in and named him Barley Baby. They ensured he was well looked after, got rid of the horrible parasites, and bathed and fed him back to a bouncing, happy puppy. Thanks to PACS’ facilities and the volunteers, Barley Baby is now fit and well and causing mischief as all puppies do!

PACS is proven to be an essential organisation on the island of Koh PhaNgan. Without their kindness, the animal population on the island would be out of control and riddled with disease. Obviously it will take time and patience to control the entire animal population on the island, but slowly PACS is helping to nurse animals of all ages and sizes back to health.

If you’d like more information about PACS or would like to volunteer yourself, please visit their Facebook page here

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