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10th June 2014
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We talk to top local kitchen designers Laura and Benoit from Schmidt Kitchens, Wimbledon who give us the inside track on the must haves for this year.


So, What are the top considerations for most people when having a kitchen designed?

Laura - Apart from the budget, top considerations are a good balance between innovative storage solutions, a quality product that will last and longevity of style.


What are the kitchen design trends currently?

Benoit – People are mixing colours and textures. For example modern wood or wood effect look in combination with a matt colour. Another current trend is having handless doors for a cleaner look.


What inspires you when designing?

Laura - Colour! I love adding splashes of colour and statement pieces to the kitchen and with some of the new ranges Schmidt have introduced, this is easy to achieve.

Benoit – For me it is about taking our customers ideas and bringing them to life!


What are your top tips for designing a functional, practical kitchen?

Laura - I always work out where I want the appliances to be first by asking my customers how they like to cook. Once the appliances are in, I then fill the gaps with practical cabinets, easy access drawers and corner units and most importantly, a good space to make your breakfast in the morning!


What do you most like about designing Schmidt kitchens?

Benoit - The customisation of units, colours and textures is pretty much endless.

Laura - Versatility of cabinets available. We have many sizes and many types of cabinets – drawers, hidden drawers, different larders etc. No two kitchens are ever really the same!


How much input will I have to the design?

Laura - The customer always designs their own kitchen! I work with them to advise what is available, what is practical and pitfalls to avoid but my customer really gets involved with designing their kitchen.


What styles can make a new kitchen timeless?

Benoit -Simple designs with maximum storage are always timeless.


What are the secrets for utilising space to maximise storage?

Laura - Drawers for ease of access for everyday items but a cupboard with shelves provides long-term storage. Everyday foods, plates, saucepans should be in drawers and pull-out larders but cupboards and shelved larders can be utilised for the Christmas crockery and ‘once-in-a-while' appliances.


What are your tips for saving budget without losing the look and feel?

Laura - Budget can be saved by the door style you choose such as a laminate door with handles. Bespoke quartz or granite worktops can still be used but we can recommend a better price group.

Benoit – Our Arcos Range is great value for money and still looks like a more expensive kitchen.


How many options can I see to help make a choice?

Laura - Our showroom has seven kitchen displays showing combinations of 16 kitchens. We also have door samples of our 89 different finishes.

Benoit – Your can also borrow samples to help you visualise how colours will look in your home.


Is there anything that can be incorporated for a family kitchen, especially one with young children?

Benoit - Safety aspects such as induction hobs are great for families as these are not hot to the touch. We also recommend laminate doors for a touch child-resistant finish.


What are the must-have latest gadgets?

Laura - Wine coolers are now a necessity rather than a luxury! We also recommend hot water taps to get rid of the kettle and save worktop space.

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