Extend your house into the garden with a unique summerhouse
19th March 2015
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We can never be certain what the weather will do during an English summer. Sometimes we're blessed with warm, sunny weather, sometimes plagued with a scorching heat wave, and usually disappointed with down pours.

That said; it's hard to dampen our summer spirit! Could an outdoor structure be the answer to our summer weather woes?

Whether you're looking for somewhere to escape, a place to work or simply to cover the barbecue from the rain, a summerhouse or outbuilding could provide you with all the above and much, much more.

With a well-designed, lasting structure, you can turn an outbuilding into a new room as an extension to your house. If you're lacking in dining space, pop a table into the outbuilding and you've got a garden eatery! Or, if you need to break away from the kids or other half, install a TV and use the building to escape - the options really are endless.

You'll need planning permission for anything extravagant, but outdoor structures that fit under certain regulations don't require planning permission.

Without planning permission:

  • Outbuildings can't sit forward of the principal elevation
  • Must be 4m high for dual pitch roofs, 3m for other roofs, and 2.5m when the building is within 2m of the boundary
  • They must only be single storey
  • The use must be 'incidental' ie, a gym, garage or store - you'll need planning permission if you want to use the building for bedrooms, etc.

It’s best to get the professionals in when it comes to planning permission and designing your perfect outbuilding. We know for sure that an outbuilding (if you have the space) can provide you and your family with that little bit of extra space you need to grow in to.

If you’re raring to go and would love to speak to a professional about your options, look no further than your local architect Keith Malone of Malone Architects. He is a highly experienced architect who lives in Wimbledon himself, so is very familiar with the area and planning restrictions. Give Keith a call on 020 8793 5135 or click on his profile to email him directly. 

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