Dance your way to a healthy heart
4th February 2015
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Time & Leisure's Sophie Kalinauckas recently paid a visit to Dance Craze to investigate the benefits dancing has on your health and wellbeing. Here are her findings...

Dancing has a number of benefits for your general wellbeing. It is a body workout and is also great for the mind. It gives you a chance to zone out and concentrate, so you don’t miss a step! With dancing you can: lose weight, strengthen your muscles, tone your body, increase your stamina, improve your flexibility, progress your balance and posture and boost your confidence.

Dancing is a low impact form of exercise, just like cycling, walking and aerobics. It uses many different parts of your body; it works with your muscles without damaging your joints which, in turn, strengthens your bones and your body. Take to the dance floor to burn calories, as research has shown that you can burn approximately 150 calories in 30 minutes of social dancing. Dance requires you to learn specific steps and this stimulates your brain power and your memory skills. It has been discussed that dancing may actually help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. All forms of dancing reduce the risk of heart disease; ballroom dancing in particular keeps your heart in shape and lowers your blood pressure. I went to Dance Craze in Raynes Park, to give Tango, Salsa, Swing and Latin dancing a go...

It was Monday morning and before I knew it, I was in full swing, dancing through nine different routines including the cha cha, waltz, quickstep, jive, samba, foxtrot, rumba and tango. We were lined up in rows, in a hall with no time to feel anxious as we were guided, step by step, through each routine by our glamorous instructor Samantha Tedeschi, dancing to One Direction and hits from High School Musical. Whether a guilty pleasure or not, the tunes got me motivated on what would usually have been a moody Monday. Sam has a long professional career in dancing; she began dancing in Australia at the age of five and competed in many championships. With a career in nursing and juggling motherhood, Sam still found time for dance by setting up Fitsteps dance classes with her dance partner Jesus Ortiz.

The dancing got my blood pumping straight away and all the sweating proved I wasn’t just tiptoeing around; I really was in a serious work-out. Having barely any dance background to my name, I was worried I would feel self-conscious in the group; however, there was no time, as I had to focus, concentrate on the steps and keep in time.

Dance Craze also has a dancing date night, a chance for couples and individuals to go along and try ballroom dancing. There are also social groups for dancers of all levels and Kid-Fit for children. The class was fun, friendly and literally got me on my feet; it felt like a real opportunity for individuals to express themselves, loosen up, workout but ultimately have a good time. I can say, I definitely had a swing in my step that week!


Article with thanks to Time & Leisure, February 2015.

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