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Dancing on Ice the run up to the semi final

Chatter about last nights quarter final - what did you think? have your say?

Mothers Day at Kilhey Court

04 March 2010 10:11

Mothers Day at Kilhey Court

Spring Dance - Monaco Ballroom

The 1st annual spring Dance at The Monaco Ballroom in Hindley

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2010 - Liverpool

The arch is the perfect backdrop for Chinese New Year celebrations this February, as the city waves goodbye to the Year of the Ox and welcomes the Year of the Tiger.

The Wigan Market Roadshow

10 February 2010 16:14

The Wigan Market Roadshow rolls into town on Saturday February 13th. To launch the brand new ‘Wigan Market Super Saver Books’ a 40 page pocket size booklet with over 70 discount coupons

Katie Price to Katie Reid

03 February 2010 15:07

Is this marriage a match made in heaven or katie on the rebound from Pete?

Dancing on Ice Vs Popstar to Operastar

Which of these programmes has got your vote? are you a dancing on ice fan or are you hooked on popstar to operastar?

snow in wigan and school closures

A quick glance at the current adverse weather conditions and the effects on schools in Wigan.

Dreaming of a white xmas 2009

22 December 2009 10:56

Dreaming of a white xmas whilst also being able to drive safely on Wigan's gritted roads.

Swimming Pool closures in Wigan

10 December 2009 16:19

Discuss swimming pool closures in wigan.

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