Swimming Pool closures in Wigan
10th December 2009
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Swimming in Wigan! chance would be a fine thing.  Who else is aggrieved at the lack of thought and perhaps planning that has led to the closure of 2 of the main swimming pools in Wigan BOTH at the same time?

It started with the main pool in Wigan closing, which bought the regulars from there to Ashton swimming pool, who then also closed Hmmm!!! the alternatives for swimming were not within a reasonable distance either.

Both my Sons attended swimming lessons at Ashton swimming pool and had done since they were 5 years old without any big gaps until now.  The primary school that they attend have researched the alternatives but do not feel that any of them are feasible or cost effective.  Therefore the kids lose out.

Both Ashton and Wigan are set to re-open in 2010 but was this syncronised closure really the best way, what are your thoughts?

Below artistic impression of internal view of new pool at Wigan.

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