Dreaming of a white xmas 2009
22nd December 2009
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Looking out of my office window today it’s quite the scene about 3/4 inches of snow, perfect snowman building weather.  It’s so picturesque I really want the snow to carry on falling so that we can have a white xmas, which I don't remember having since I was my Son's age (7).  What has become apparent though since this snowfall is how ill prepared us Brits are when it comes to the more extreme weather, watching GMTV this morning it was astonishing to see all those poor commuters in Basingstoke who were trapped on the roads for so long and some of them bedded down for the night in a local bed store!!! I noticed when I was out and about driving in my car at the weekend how Wigan's roads had not been gritted certainly not in the regions where I was travelling anyway, around Bryn and also towards Marus Bridge roundabout, it was like an ice rink in some places, what happened to the gritters?, I heard a rumour about us having no salt but I don't know how true that was.  Are you enjoying the snow too? or are you fed up with the inconvenience of it when it comes to driving? 

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