snow in wigan and school closures
5th January 2010
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Well, here I was looking forward to getting stuck into my work for 2010 when the weather decides it has other ideas to the contrary.  Basically my children's school is closed due to the adverse weather conditions which means that they are thrilled at getting an extended xmas break cos' they can continue to build snowmen and throw snowballs etc etc however I have to juggle between kids and work, I am no stranger to this but it does make life difficult. My Hubbie has already had to dig 3 of our neighbours cars this morning out of the snow and still the snow falls.  I was frantically trying to get through to school this morning to find out if the school was open and only managed to get through late on, so I thought it would be helpful to point you in the direction of the most recent school closures in our area:





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