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Join artists near the canal in Cassiobury Park on Saturday 18th July and create your own little piece of land art.
Looking for something to do with this weekend? Here’s our guide to events going on in or around Watford.
This week a nation of charities, community and voluntary groups are celebrating their volunteers in Volunteers Week. Paul Smyth, W3RT's Community Engagement Worker shares with us a few of the different types of volunteering around and reasons why it's good to get involved!
Watford will be celebrating the towns football clubs promotion to the premiership with a family friendly event held at Cassiobury Park on Monday 4 May 2015.
Silver FM, a community driven radio station makes a comeback after 25 years as an Easter school holiday project for local young people, between the ages of 13- 16 years old (Years 9 to 12) live on-air 87.9FM.
Three Rivers residents are invited to join host Mr Wonderful for an afternoon of quick stepping, waltzing and tangoing!!
It's not easy keeping the kids occupied as Christmas approaches, but luckily there are plenty of festive activities taking place in and around Watford!
This new book Cassiobury the Ancient Seat of the Earls of Essex tells the significant story of a remarkable estate, family and parkland, that has never been put onto paper, in the form of a book before.
How many times have you walked down the high street and noticed a beautiful building that you’ve never seen, stopped and noticed before? Do you have a fondness of a local building that you think should be shared with, and appreciated by others?
Bad weather and boredom – not a great combination for half term, but fortunately there is plenty to keep the kids occupied, and keep you sane in the process!
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