About TheBestOf Watford

about thebestof

Our mission

thebestof Watford is the ultimate local business guide; our mission is to take the stress out of finding great local businesses and then we promote them through a variety of marketing streams.

Our vision

thebestof Watford is a unique gathering point for the community and great local businesses, we are a hub for thebestof everything local where you can find the best businesses, get access to the best offers from those businesses, and keep up to date with what's happening in the area.

With our shared love of communities, our passion is to see them grow and prosper for the businesses and people within. With our endless energy, professional expertise and our best people leading the way, we strive to be thebestof everything local.


thebestof started life in 2005. We have coverage in over 300 areas across the UK, showcasing and supporting many types of businesses.

We are dedicated to supporting businesses in the UK and helping them to grow, survive and prosper.

Throughout this website you will find the best of local:-

When you’re out and about you can also easily recognise the businesses we showcase because they'll be displaying a 'Recommended on The Best of Watford' kite mark. We only have local businesses on our website and only if they’ve been approved by us via our rigorous vetting procedures.

When you use their services or buy from them you'll also be able to contribute to your community by leaving feedback and writing a review on one of our printed cards or online. They will also have 'thebestof' reviews on their own websites which is your guarantee of top notch local service!

Why not join in right now? You are welcome to review any of our showcased businesses at any time (if you’ve already used them of course) and recommend a new business to us that we haven’t discovered yet.

To make sure ‘thebestof’ remains a positive and supportive place for our local business and where people can come for genuine recommendations there are a few rules. So before you begin read our Reviews Policy first.

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