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593a654b27a7adc05f001050Hi I’m Abby and I’m the owner of The Best of Waford.

The reason I set up this website was to provide a place where local people can discover what's happening, local services, charities, clubs and associations right through to finding a recommended business.

I’ve lived in Watford for over 40 years so I know the area and its people. I feel passionate about helping my neighbours, friends, family and the wider community to connect and this website is a shop window for Watford and the surrounding towns and villages.  I also really want to support buying from local businesses.  Of course, we ask friends and family for recommendations but we do also research online.

Can you trust everything you read? With The Best of Watford you can!

I wanted to create a website where every business showcased supports my ethos of Buying Local and has been recommended by its customers. Where local people like you can read their customer reviews and find out all about their services, accreditation's and awards, special offers and events, news, updates, job vacancies and more.

The best can have different meanings to different people; one furniture shop, for instance, could be best for value (because you can furnish a whole flat for less than £1000) whereas another might be best for quality because all their pieces are designed and made to order from hardwood.  As we have the facility for you to leave a review, it is you that decides if they are recommended.

Throughout this website you will find the best of local:-

When you’re out and about you can also easily recognise the businesses we showcase because they'll be displaying a 'Recommended on The Best of Watford' kite mark. We only have local businesses on our website and only if they’ve been approved by us via our rigorous vetting procedures.

When you use their services or buy from them you'll also be able to contribute to your community by leaving feedback and writing a review on one of our printed cards or online. They will also have 'thebestof' reviews on their own websites which is your guarantee of top notch local service!

Why not join in right now? You are welcome to review any of our showcased businesses at any time (if you’ve already used them of course) and recommend a new business to us that we haven’t discovered yet.

To make sure ‘thebestof’ remains a positive and supportive place for our local business and where people can come for genuine recommendations there are a few rules. So before you begin read our Reviews Policy first.

Who do you recommend?

Why not join the conversation?

Do you have a local business?  

Over the past 5 years we have been growing our local audience and The Best of Watford website now has around 12,000 local visitors per month, it ranks highly for local searches and 32,973 people follow us online and are registered to receive our weekly e-newsletters (these numbers are growing all the time).   

For an independent local business, we want to make marketing easy (or easier) and depending on your budget for advertising  we can promote your business in over 20 different ways to an engaged and growing audience, for as little as £10 per month.

Here's a short video we've put together on the benefits of being a business showcased on The Best of Watford. 

To find out more visit The Best of Watford for Business