Walsall Rugby Club

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Walsall Rugby Club is a happy, friendly place. It offers a good selection of well kept real ales. You can hire the club out for a reasonable fee for any special occasions. There are a wide variety of special events including car boot sales and Christmas Fayres that anyone can attend. It has a great atmosphere.
Walsall Rugby Club has to be one of the most sociable places I know in Walsall. It's full of great people, new faces, very friendly, full of laughter, superb social events, lively entertainment. The mini and junior rugby is also enjoyable for some social networking on the sidelines! To enjoy a fine game of rugby then socialise afterwards in a great atmosphere club is what it's all about.
Walsall Rugby Club is a great place to watch good rugby in a friendly, family atmostphere. On Sundays the club is full with children as young as 5 training and playing rugby. You can even hire the club out for special occasions and Neil the club manager is very helpful.
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