Slimming World Chard
  • Chard Baptist Church
    9 Holyrood Street
    TA20 2AH
Slimming World Chard group,run by Jenny Curtis for nearly 25 years, offers full support to help you lose weight,by eating healthy meals ,which will satisfy you,your family and your appetite

Discover a world of weight loss without dieting.

Hundreds of local people who've become members have reached their ideal weight with the Slimming World easy and flexible approach to losing weight. It is a simple combination of a Food Optimising eating plan, gentle activity and unbeatable support from Jenny & her team.

Never go hungry - You can still enjoy delicious, satsfying and healthy meals made with everyday ingredients. 

Free Foods are everyday foods like lean meat and fish, pasta (yes, really!), rice, grains, veg, fruit, eggs and fat-free dairy.

They’re foods the whole family can enjoy together, so you’ll be taking care of their health as well as your own.

Many local men are discovering how easy it is to achieve a weight loss,by eating more ! Why not come and ask them?  


Move more - Body Magic is their unique activity programme which will help you take small steps towards a more active lifestyle.

Whether you're taking your first step or you already have an active lifestyle, you'll get practical help to become more active in steady stages, find enjoyable activities for you and your family – and share your experiences with other members.


Get unbeatable support - Sometimes all you need is great support to help you change aspects of your lifestyle.Jenny & her team are passionate about helping every member achieve their dream weight.If you don't believe this,come & see for yourself. 


At their support groups in Chard,they use a method called IMAGE Therapy,which stands for;

Individual Motivation And Group Experience.

It’s a chance to benefit from the experiences of other local people,to inspire others and be inspired yourself.It's a chance to change deep-rooted grooves, share healthy swaps and make plans for the weeks ahead.





The Guild Hall

Tuesday at 09:30, 11:30, 18:30


Chard Baptist Church

Wednesday at 17:30, 19:30 

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