Kingdom Outdoors Bridgwater

Kingdom Outdoors Bridgwater are a relaxed, game-based boot camp for ‘adults’ (or anyone over 18!). Kingdom Outdoors likes to cultivate an environment of fitness through fun, with their programmes consisting of boot camp style exercises with regular breaks and games. All of this is situated within outdoor settings such as parks, helping you to achieve your best by grounding you in nature and giving you a peaceful and enjoyable place far removed from the often stressful setting of the gym.

Kingdom Outdoors offers a supportive and constructive place to get fit, lose weight if you want to and shape up with an easy tailored programme of fitness and nutrition specific to your situation.  You definitely won’t feel overfaced with Abigail, she understands the importance of gradual improvement against doing too much and not coming back.  She only works with your fitness levels and works through an Interval Training based approach to help you improve week on week, feel better and move more.  She sets you realistic targets and helps you meet them in a friendly, supportive group or on a one to one basis.

Abigail is currently working towards further qualifications in Strength and Conditioning, Specialist Exercise, Nutrition and Obesity, Lower Back Pain and GP Referrals.  She is ideally placed to help you start and more importantly, continue your desire to increase your fitness levels, improve your nutrition and feel better.  She offers a Fitness Bootcamp twice a week on a Wednesday morning and a Saturday morning in a local park with an option to move indoors if the weather changes.  Take a look at her offers here and get in touch directly with Abigail for more details.  

With an introductory offer of £99 for three months you only have those extra inches to lose!

Let Kingdom Outdoor help you to shape up and feel good.